Education Abroad

Education Abroad


Expand Your World by Studying Abroad

We encourage all of our students to study abroad! In-depth cross-cultural experiences facilitate the academic, professional, and personal growth necessary for our interconnected world. All of our major programs offer flexible options to accommodate your study abroad plans.

Get Started

Start planning your study abroad experience as early as possible (ideally in your first or second year). There are many opportunities to choose from, including quarter-long options through the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), short-term options through the UCR Faculty Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP), and other UC and non-UC Programs. 

Explore Your Options

Use Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships can cover your study abroad expenses!

Find Out More

Earn Course Credit

Meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible to plan for taking courses abroad that will fulfill requirements toward your major. Before your meeting, you must complete an academic planning form. Create a profile at MyUCR Abroad to get started

We have also posted lists of approved courses that you can take abroad that satisfy gender and sexuality and sustainability studies major requirements. Please note that these lists do not cover all of the education abroad courses that may potentially satisfy major requirements. Be sure to consult with your advisor when planning your course schedule.

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If You Are Concerned about Intersectionality Abroad

You may wonder how your experiences abroad might be impacted by intersectional experiences and identities including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and disability. UCEAP offers multiple resources to help you navigate these questions.

When You Return

When you return to UCR, be sure that your transcripts and credits have transferred. Please be patient, as the process can take 30 to 90 days (or more). Meet with your advisor to ensure that your credit transfer process is smooth.

You may experience culture shock when returning to UCR. To help navigate the complexities of navigating reentry, connect with the resources and tips offered by UCR Education Abroad Alumni


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